Nougat & the things you should get excited about!

Google’s gonna launch the latest version of Android OS. After a long period of consulting with public opinion, Google has set the official name of Android N, it’s called drum roll: Android Nougat. Now the question is what’s nougat?  No doubt, a kind of food! nougat is made with sugar or honey,roasted nuts,whipped egg whites and sometimes chopped candied fruits.

Now we’re gonna decide which one is the tastier OS?   Marshmallow or Nougat? first of all we need to know what’s new in Nougat. let’s have a look!

1.Multi Tasking Window: 

multi window support is one of the most exciting feature of Android N. Android Nougat introduces  “split screen mode” where two apps can be snapped at a time occupying half of the screen for means the users can watch a video while reading newspaper.  it’s cool, right?  if you’re an Android N user, imagine,  you’re chatting with a girl on messenger and at a time you can chat with another girl on what’s app  using half  screen for each!

2.Redesigned Notification Bar:

In Android N, the notification bar has been improved. It will organize the similar notifications into one. Also, you can reply the messages from the notification shade itself without opening the app.

3.Improved doze mode:


Battery problem is the most common problem faced by all Android users. Google has promised to solve the problem by increasing the stand by time and shutting down the background apps.In android M when the device becomes motionless and unused,it goes into deeper sleep.But in Android N,Google enhanced the doze mode. Doze will shut all apps down and save battery life when the screen is turned off.

4.Data saving :

The data saving mode has also improved in Android N. now, if you restrict the app background data, all apps stop unrestricted data access. But An Android N user can decide which app will get unrestricted data access and which won’t. So, your mobile data won’t drain up soon.

5. Quick settings menu:

The notification panel has been redesigned for Android N.quick setting menu has beed added to the notification shade which a user can pull down from top to down.

6.Keyboard themes:


May be it’s a little change but something significant for the users. just a little something to keep your device customized according to your personal preferences.

7.New emoji set:

 Google has said that 13 new emoji’s coming in Android N.

8.New Google Camera with customizable volume button actions

The new Google Camera 4.1 comes pre-loaded on Android N dev preview 5 and it adds a couple of nice new features. First up, csutomizable volume key actions. This means you can tell the Android OS what you want volume up and down to do while in Google Camera. Choose from zoom, shutter and volume for now.

The three on-screen settings – timer, HDR and flash – now show their options in a full-width view. When accessing previously taken photos, the Google Photos icon has been replaced with an “All Photos” label in the top right hand corner and you can now double tap to zoom in instantly. You can no longer display manual exposure settings.


To conclude, I just want to say nougat’s gonna become tastier than marshmallow and the previous ones.

just wait for a punch!

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  1. You do get that none of these features are actually useful, right? Windowed multitasking on a phone – Why the fuck? Just use a tablet. And notification redesign, keyboard design as a feature!!! LOL. I’ve given up all hope for android the moment they announced marshmallow.


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