How to do Stunning Graphics Design Easily !!

Let’s face it. Not all of us are Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD experts. But sometimes we need to add a little graphics in your work to enhance its beauty. And not all of us need to be an expert! Sometimes we just need to have those little skills which will help us to get our way around our office presentations, school projects etc. So here are a list of some sites and tools which I’ve found highly useful as a student, entrepreneur  and blogger.

1. Freepik 

Freepik is a website from where you can download free stock photos, vectors, icons, PSD and much more. If you’re searching a cool title image for your article or presentation then this site can prove really helpful. You can search and sort in terms of color and their download rate and get results no matter what keywords to stash in!

Aviary Photo_131154789734648216.png
The super useful freepik website!

To visit the website click here! 

2. Canva

If you want more control on you photos and want to create your own stunning photos , videos, charts or posts then Canva is your stop. You can choose from thousands of existing free photos more create your own.

Different Canva templates

Canva allows to choose certain templates, post, infographics and work your way through them. There’s a lot of support and tutorial videos on the site and YouTube so you can smoothly create your own masterpiece.

To visit the site click here!

3. FlatIcon 

When it comes to graphics work, the importance of icons and logos are undeniable. Flaticon gives you access to more than 180,000 vector graphics and logos. PSD,  SVG, PNG , EPS , icon flats – you name it. The search algorithm is pretty decent so no matter how wild your key word is, results will show up. They also have their icons categorized in packs so you can download a whole bunch of them in one click!

Aviary Photo_131154877183831829.png
From Pokemon GO to web designing, find any kinds of icons!

To visit the site click here!


Nobody can deny the power of infographics in meetings, presentations or projects. Infogram enables you create your own brilliant & attractive pie-charts, bar charts and even maps! Most of the things in this website are free. And they a very organised tutorial section which helps you to get a hang of things.

Bar charts, reports, graphs , maps and more!

To visit the website click here!

4. Piktochart

Piktochart helps you to create infographics in 3 easy steps. Select the theme from the website library for you chart, customize and publish. The website gives you access to a WYSIWYG editor that helps you to drag and drop elements to create an infographic. You will also use lots of icons, vectors, images and chart exporter. Once you are done with your chart hit the sport button to save the file son your desktop. Though a draw back of this site is you have to pay for most of the stuff.


5. Windows Paint

Though this primitive windows app often remains untouched by users it has a lot of productivity in terms graphics work. This app remains like that football player who showed huge potential then accidentally fell in hands of a wrong manager. Manipulating image this as easy as it gets here. Resize and shrew your images in just a couple of clicks.

Aviary Photo_131156605068069869.png
WIndows paint app





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