How to Speed Up Internet in your smartphones ?

Getting the most out of smartphone’s can be a tricky thing. When it’s time to use internet, you probably look for ways to squeeze the most speed you can out of your 3G connection. Cause let’s face it, we’re a little impatient when it comes to internet.

Here we’ll talk about a few helpful ways that you can make to your Android phone to speed up your mobile connection.

Change preferred network mood:

If you’ve trimmed up your phone’s memory and you’re certain that this is a network issue rather than a resource management issue, then try playing around with your phone’s preferred network mode. Unfortunately, the location of this setting varies from device to device, but try looking around in Settings under menu items regarding network connectivity.Here, GSM is 2G network and WCDMA is 3G network.


Opera Max:

Opera Max truly is the one-stop shop for anyone looking to take authoritarian control of their data usage and maximize their browsing speeds. Although this app was designed with crowded WiFi networks in mind, a lot of the functionality that it brings you translates well to 3G use. Opera Max actively optimizes streaming content such that it stays lean and brisk.



Recently, Opera has been improving their data optimization app to the degree that they are now claiming an increase of 23% over conventional usage. Almost a quarter faster with half as much data use? What more could you ask for! If you’re trying to milk as much as you can out of your 3G connection, try Opera Max first and then advance from here if you don’t see a marked increase.

A better web browser:


Chrome is an excellent browser for the average user. It can synchronize across multiple devices for a seamless internet experience, including remembering all your passwords and bookmarks. However, Chrome isn’t exactly famous for its lean use of memory.

2. UC browser & UC mini-

UC browsers are one of the most excellent browser when you’re thinking of browsing and downloading. UC browser has speed mode option that can manage your data speed and browse the page faster.You just have to change the mode.It’s downloading speed is amazing.It speeds up data connection while downloading.


Now, you can see that UC speeds up data while downloading.

3.Opera mini & Opera mini beta-

Opera Mini is also a lighter, yet still feature-rich version of the Opera browser, which we’d also recommend.But it doesn’t has the speed up mode like Uc browsers.

Disable images in browser:

For the fastest possible internet experience, try putting your browser in Text Only mode. Not all browsers support this capability, but it can be found in most settings menus like Opera & UC.

Turning your browser to Text Only will prevent it from loading images, which constitute the bulk of internet traffic. When your phone starts ignoring images, you’re guaranteed to feel a boost in speed.

Clear cache files:

While newer versions of Android are getting better and better at managing your system’s memory, having a bloated cache can still eat into your device’s resources and slow it down. This is an especially common problem on older phones running older versions of Android. Having a stuffed cache can slow down everything about your phone including your internet browsing. A good first place to start when you’re looking to get a speed boost is to dump that cache.


To clear out an app’s cache, go to Settings > Applications and then select the app you want. From here, tap Clear Cache.

Facebook lite:

Facebook can be called DEVIL. At least as far as data use is concerned. Not to mention battery use! Swapping to Facebook lite is an excellent way to cut down on both of these over-uses. The app was specifically designed for users who aren’t able to access the world’s most popular social network on state-of-the-art networks, and it focuses on giving users a reliable Facebook experience while simultaneously soaking up the least amount of bandwidth possible.



Third party apps for boost speed:

It’s very common to use an app to boost or optimize our android system.When we talk about internet speed, some apps helps us to boost internet speed.

These type of apps do 3 things for speeding up

  • clear DNS cache
  • clear browse cache
  • optimize browser settings by turning on experimental browser functions like 2D accelerating.

We can download these kind of apps from play store.

You can use Internet speed master & Internet booster as third patry apps.

These are our recommendations for increasing 3G connection.

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