Things you need to know the iPhone 7!

It’s the time of the year when you’re supposed to be excited about the newest version of the apples very own iPhone. In the upcoming month, apple’s going to announce their flagship devices. According to rumors and speculations there will be two variants of the iPhone 7 like the past two years. You don’t surely know what the names will be. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus maybe? Or iPhone 7 pro? Whatever the name will be, specualtions tell us the larger variant of the two devices will be the high end model. Unlike iPhone 6 plus and the 6s plus, which were just bigger versions of the base device. Let’s what little we guessed and about what the tech giant of California has to offer us this September with their newest iPhone-

The new iPhones will have several changes which are worth the excitement. The sources? Surprise surprise!!! LEAKS!! Yeah. We have been relying on rumors and leaks a little bit too much these years. We also saw leaks which reveal the appearance and several new hardware features of the phone.

iPhone is being stuck with there retina display for quite a sometime now. Maybe it will be a wise move to replace it with a AMOLED panel this year. Doing this,the users will get a more crisp and accurate experience through the display surely. From the leaks we also saw the antena bands are curved to the edge this time. Giving the iPhone a little bit sleek although not that expceptional look. The base model will hopefully be of 4.7 to 5.00 inch screen size. The larger variant will have 5.5 inches.

From the leaks we see that the base model of the phone has a noticeably larger camera lense and sensor this time around. More surprisingly, the larger variant will most probably feature a dual lense camera like the LG G5 and the Huawei P9. A wide angle and a regular lense maybe? Although i think this is a thing to be excited about. Bigger lense means bigger aperture and better photos. Last time, the iPhone featured a 12 megapixel shooter for both variants. 16 megapixels this time? We can’t know for sure.

The new iPhone 7 camera, bigger & stronger



Talking about the RAM and CPU, we know that iOS is a very optimized OS. So it doesn’t have to rely on CPU cores or rams to gain swiftness. Although it would not be necessarily a crime to add an extra gig of ram to bolster the swiftness of the device. For the CPU, iPhone 7 is expected to have a A10 cpu.

Storage options:
Apple has always launched their base models with a 16 gigs storage,which in the year of 2016 is not a big of a deal. So fans will be expecting a 64 or at least 32 gig base model.

Headphone jack:
Well,we definitely saved the best for the last! The 3.5 headphone jack is officially gone! Leaks strongly suggest that the headphone jack be emitted from the bottom of the phone. An extra speaker grill will be taking its place. That will undoubtedly be a revolutionary step. Stereo headphones will be connected through the lightning port from now on. That means you cannot charge your phone and listen to music at the same time,unless you use a wireless headphone. That is definitely a drawback. But it is tested that the lightning port produces better quality sounds that the 3.5. Actually the modular masterpiece Moto Z is the first phone to ditch the 3.5 jack. The must be accompanied by an lightning to 3.5 adapter.

The traditional 3.5 ms headphone jack gone for good ?

We heard a rumour that the new I phone will come with an extra colour option. Most probably jet black. Well i don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s gonna be pretty dope! I phone 6s is already a durable phone. So we can hope that its successor eill be no less.

Anyway, the new iPhone will be launched at upcoming September at the apple con. Hold your horses till then! And let me know in the comments about what you think about the new I phone and what do you think about the rumors!
— Ciao!


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