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E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo.It is the world’s biggest trade fair based on the video game industry.Many video games developing company and video game related manufacturers present their upcoming games & merchandise in this expo presented by Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

E3 is held annually in May-June at Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles.



E3 held for the first time in 1995


History and Debut

Before E3 video games were still there, so the game publishers went to other trade shows to display their games like Consumer Electronics Show (CES).Though video game was a rapidly growing industry, CES did not give it much significance.In 1991, CES put the video game industry all the way back behind all the stalls, in a tent.It was rainy and water leaked the tent and pour over the new Genesis game console presented by Sega that year.Can you even believe that? So the president of Sega of America was furious and Sega did not attend CES the following year.In 1994, Interactive Digital Software Association (now known as ESA), the other video game companies also left CES.

In  11 May, 1995 E3 was first held and it was one of the largest trade show debuts in history.But unlike other gaming expos,  E3 is not open to the public. People who wants to participate are required by the ESA to verify a professional connection to the video-game industry.

A Japanese E3 was also held in 1996 at Makuhar Messe convention center in Tokyo.Sony Computer Entertainment was it’s original sponsor but they withdrew in favor of its PlayStation Expo.Sega also pulled out at the last moment leaving only Nintendo to attend the expo.As a result, it was criticized as a poor event and it ensured the end of the preparation for a worldwide series of E3 events.



Almost all the major gaming companies present their upcoming products every year at E3. Starting with Sega in 1995, every major company has shown something great at E3. Nintendo comes with their Wii console, Zelda and Pokemon Franchise ; Sony with Play Station and PS exclusive games ; Microsoft with Xbox and Halo ; Ubisoft with their Tom Clancy & Assassin’s Creed franchise ; EA with Fifa ; Konami with their Metal Gear franchise and many others.There are also Capcom, Bethesda,  Deep Silver,Dice e.t.c on the spotlight. Many professional gamers and cosplayers are also seen at the expo every year.



Some of the video games related companies



E3 2016

Recently E3 2016 was held at 14 June,2016.



E3 2016


Some of the E3 highlights of this year are :

*Microsofts new console Xbox One S

*Many PS4 exclusive games (including brand new God of War)

*Nintendo’s new Zelda

*Dice introducing new Battlefield 1 based on WW1

*Consumer ready VR headsets

*Ubisoft’s WatchDogs 2 (a whole new hacking experience)

As a gamer myself , I am always hyped about gaming.Hope E3 will be open for us regular gamers in the future.E3 2016 was a whole new universe in front of me.What was your favourite part of this years E3?
Let me know in the comments and peace out.







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